Do you know that you can be reimbursed with up to 50% of your ITF Contributions?

1. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF or the Fund) is a creation of the Industrial Training
Fund Act of 1971, as amended (the Act). It places an obligation on any employer who has a
minimum of 5 employees or an annual turnover of N50million to contribute 1% of its total
annual payroll cost to the Fund.

2. Every year, before 31 March, an employer must submit the following to the ITF Office for

a. a copy of its training policy;
b. its training plan or calendar for the year;
c. ITF FORM 3A (Application for Approval of Learning and Development Personnel); and
d. appointment letter and curriculum vitae of its dedicated learning and development personnel.

3. The employer must, during the year, obtain a letter of approval for any trainings its
employees will attend.

4. To obtain a course approval, an employer must submit to the ITF, 2 weeks before any
proposed training (local training) or 3 weeks before the training (international training)
the details of the training using form 4A. Once approved, ITF would issue an approval letter.

5. At the end of its accounting year, a company is obligated to submit its audited account to
the ITF office for assessment. ITF is assessed at 1% of total annual payroll cost.

6. Once the ITF assessment has been paid, a company has till 30 June of the year of payment to
claim up to 50% of its contributions as reimbursements for trainings expenses spent in the
previous year.

7. To claim re-imbursement, the following must be submitted:
a. ITF TR Form 1 (Summary of Contributing Employers Training Reimbursement Claims for the Year)
b. ITF TR Form 2; (Areas of Reimbursement Award)
c. Approved Form 3A of Training Personnel or Human Resources Manager
d. Course approval obtained from ITF
e. Cost and Expense details of training

8. The 50% reimbursement to be paid to a company is split between the different areas;
management, supervisory, learning/training personnel, occupational, health, safety, and
environment. To benefit fully, a company should train employees in the different areas.
Also, emphasis should be placed on the area in which the highest number of employees are trained.

For further enquiries on the subject, you should please contact your tax manager. You may also contact any of:
Abiodun Samuel (08026220899)
Oyeyemi Oke (08082004040) or
Bidemi Olumide (07081948647)

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