The TaxaideR Newsletter Vol 1.4 (April 2019)

I feel pretty elated today for lots of reasons, but I would mention just a few. I am currently attending the Annual Tax Conference of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), the biggest gathering of tax practitioners and professionals in Nigeria. It is no doubt that in recent times, taxation has indeed come to take its seat at the table as the mainstay of the economy and the sporadic shift from reliance on oil some years ago to the reliance on the revenue from taxation has made most Nigerians take taxation more seriously.
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Nigeria, also known as the “Giant of Africa” and Africa’s largest economy with a GDP of $397.47 billion ahead of South Africa with a GDP of $376.67 billion, has undermined the power of Tourism as a great source of revenue for the country.

Countries such as Dubai, South Africa and Kenya have made great returns for their government in the areas of Tourism.

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