First Thoughts: The Weight of Things Unsaid

There isn’t so much weight behind the words themselves; it’s the fact that we know what the right answer is, but don’t want to say it. The questions start to pile up, and before you know it, there are so many unanswered questions that they seem to be weighing us down like a ton of bricks.

 If you want to change your life, you must learn how to let go of all those things which are holding you back from living your best life possible.

And there are all kinds of things you can’t say. Sometimes, it’s just because of the timing — you’re busy, your hands are full, or your mouth is full. Sometimes it’s because the timing just isn’t right. Sometimes it’s because you know what the answer would be if you said it, but you don’t want to lie or deceive — even if that’s what lies or deception is all about. The weight of things unsaid can be a heavy burden indeed.

But if something is worth saying, then sometimes saying it helps us move on from where we are now and into where we need to be next. And sometimes it can help others move on from where they are now and into where they need to be next too. And that’s why we should always tell the truth — even when it’s hard for us to do so (or even when we wouldn’t have done so if we’d thought about it).

In this issue, we discuss:

  1. National Inspector-General For Tax Crimes Commission Bill
  2. Taxation Of Income On Securities: Notice Of Change In Law + Administration
  3. Nigeria To Begin Post-VAIDS Enforcement
  4. Nigeria’s 2022 Pro-Health Taxes

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