The world’s most popular media company Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most popular retailer Ali Baba carries no stock, and the world’s largest accommodation provider, AirBnB, owns no property.

The above quote is as pertinent as it is trite. Straits Times notes that digitization has led to the emergence of new business models and increased international trade, while removing the need for a company to have physical presence in a country to conduct business with its residents.

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Juxtaposition of States’ fiscal position, Taxes and its implications

It is noteworthy that for the most part of the last two decades, most Nigerian States have become overly dependent on the statutory allocations from the Federal Government. As far as financial sustainability is concerned, many of these States have become seemingly complacent, with a good number of them barely generating even 20% of the figures of their allocations from the FAAC in internally generated revenue (IGR) figures. This trend has become more saddening in recent times especially because the narrative has been changing in a few quarters as more State governments have now started looking inwards.

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