The TaxaideR 1.6 – Special 5th Year Anniversary Edition

First Thoughts

So, it’s been one serious series of downpours recently. If it rains today, it would make it seven days straight . . . in Lagos, Nigeria that is. I am a little worried because I feel we haven’t even seen anything. It’s not even July yet! I work on the island and so I have a very good idea of how it could get when the rainy season hits its peak. I recall some folks in VGC and Lekki Phase 1

who owned boats once brought them out into the streets when their cars couldn’t cope with the flood. Hopefully, this year would be better but then, we are wired to naturally adjust to these things anyway so bring it on, oh thou mighty rainy season! We are ready for you!

The TaxaideR 1.6 drops in our usual fashion but there is a twist to this one. This is the Special 5th Anniversary edition. As you must have read two weeks ago, Taxaide celebrated its 5th year anniversary on 11th June 2019 and it was a blast. In fact, besides doing our regular business, this month was extensively dedicated to celebrating our young firm, looking back at the last five years and projecting into the next five. I reiterate that our goal is to become Africa’s leading firm in our industry when we turn 10. We are on track and you sure don’t want to be left behind. Call us now on 0700TAXAIDE (07008292433) and let’s talk business!

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