First Thoughts

The last time I was in these parts, it was 2019 and I feel elated having the opportunity to do this yet again in a new year. I must specially appreciate every one of you for sticking with us for the last twelve months. Thank you for keeping faith with us. You can rest assured 2020 is going to be a bigger and better year. The TaxaideR returns with Volume 2, Issue 1. Yes, we thought we would switch styles up a little and change the nomenclature. You must have also noticed the new style of our TaxThursday bulletins. Yes, we are cool like that!

So, how’s January been for you? I was chatting with a friend sometime last week and he said it was just Day 78 and we still had 22 days to go in the month. Indeed, it has been one long month and I still find it hard to believe January is still not over. As I write this, it is just one more day to go but it could as well have been another 5 days. At least that’s what it looks like from this side. I understand it is simply a factor of expectations. Time seems to run slowly when you expect it to speed up; and I bet a good number of people have been wishing the month would just end already. Well, January decided to take its time. No worries though, February calls!

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