Accessing your 2021 ITF Refunds

Do you know that your organisation’s compliance with its 2020 Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Contributions as well as notification to ITF of its 2021 Training Budget are the first steps in potentially getting a refund of up to 50% of its 2021 Training Budget? Yes, the Federal Government of Nigeria through ITF, can refund you up to 50% of your approved and expended training budget!

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First Thoughts:

Of Quarters and Pennies

“Hey there, can I have a quarter?”

This line is quite familiar with Americans who find themselves having to use the slot machine in a café, supermarket, office, bank reception etc. A quarter basically is a 25-cent coin that could come in handy for very basic and meagre expenses – a chocolate bar, a Coke can etc. A quarter is of course worth way more than a penny which is just once cent. Over the years like in every other economy in the world, the value of the ‘quarter’ has also greatly reduced, and it can hardly buy you anything of serious value. However, its value in the slot machine can hardly be ignored.

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PIT Deadline!!!

“Better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late” William Shakespeare.

Are you a football fan? Do you know one of the best ways a football coach can refine his team to become prolific is to sign valuable players before the transfer window is shut? If Manchester United didn’t get Bruno Fernandes, maybe they will also be in a pitched battle in the league like my favorite team. 10th position is not up to par! Sorry for the jab my fellow Gunners.

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Countdown . . . 20 days to go! Time to file your PIT Annual Returns

Welcome to another week of #TaxThursday.

The deadline for the filing for the Personal Income Tax (PIT) Annual Returns is just a tick away. In our last bulletin, we shared several benefits that comes with filing of the PIT Annual Returns and these include easy access to loans, moving forward capital losses, claiming of tax refunds etc. The deadline for filing of the PIT Annual Returns remains 31st March 2021 and that is exactly 20 days from now.

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IWD 2021 – Celebrating Women of Strength and Courage

It’s another International Women’s Day! You might be wondering why women deserve to be celebrated the way they are often celebrated. You really do not need to think too far. If one were to make a list of reasons, we would probably run out of writing space. Women are indeed special, and you can hardly place a price on what they are worth. The strength and courage women exude in dealing with life’s physical and emotional challenges bears testament to the fact that the Almighty God took his special time to create these super creatures called women!

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