First Thoughts

Thoughts for the Coming Generation

So today is Children’s Day. This is a special day celebrated all over the world to recognize children and their existence. The joy of every home is the presence of these special creatures and every moment where a child is born is always one to be celebrated. In fact, about 80% of marriages all over the world are contracted with plans for procreation, which remains a major reason among others for marriages today. The Bible also expressly states in Psalm 127 verse 3 that ‘Children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward’. It goes further to say in the next verse that ‘as arrows are in a man’s quiver so are the children born in a man’s youth’. Don’t fret, people. I am not about to take you into a church service. However, we cannot over emphasize the importance of children who are indeed the hope for the continuity of mankind and as we like to say around here, they are the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ or ‘the coming generation’.

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