Tax Auditing: Understand its Benefits

“For every operation audited, know the mission … the purpose… the reason for being.”Larry Sawyer

Tax audit is an autonomous assessment of records, tax returns, tax installments and different records of a taxpayer to affirm compliance with tax laws, rules and regulations and precision of tax paid and adhering to relevant accounting standards and norms.

Generally, an audit will inspect the issues seen as generally important to accomplishing an exact appraisal of a taxpayer’s tax responsibility. Commonly, these issues will incorporate any signs of critical unreported pay or possibly over-asserted allowance; things that might be evident from an assessment of a taxpayer’s return. On account of business audits, public law regularly requires a business to comply with certain accounting and bookkeeping guidelines. The audit may likewise include actual enquiries, like assessment of merchandise in stock, premises and so on. Tax auditing has several benefits, and they include:

  1. Promote intentional compliance: The essential job of the audit program is to advance deliberate compliance by taxpayers with the tax laws. Tax audit seeks to accomplish this by helping taxpayers to remember the dangers of noncompliance.
  2. Validity: An audit gives autonomous check that the financial statements are a valid and reasonable portrayal of the entity’s present circumstance. This gives significant validity and certainty to your organization’s clients/customers, partners, financial backers, or money lenders etc. It is affirmation that monetarily everything is as it appears to be.
  3. Identify and prevent fraud: Some organizations are subject to fraud, blunder, and corruption. Fraud can happen for quite a long time in a workplace without being recognized and can be significant to such an extent that a few organizations never recuperate monetarily or fix their reputations. A review can be a viable apparatus for distinguishing fraud and opportunities to commit fraud. Good auditors are gifted at pinpointing shortcomings in an organization’s frameworks and controls and proposing approaches to prevent fraud from happening.
  4.  Discover the areas of the law that require explanation: Audits may expose areas of the tax law that are creating turmoil and issues to enormous numbers of taxpayers and along these lines require further endeavours by the professionals to explain the law’s prerequisites.

 At Taxaide, we develop strategic plans, including a tax plan that is broad-based and prioritized yet flexible enough to accommodate the complex nature of the Nigerian tax regime. Our tax professionals can help your tax function become less laborious and time consuming.

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