Company Income Tax: What you Need Know

One of the components of the various tax structures in Nigeria is Company Income Tax (CIT). In this tax structure, taxes are payable on the earnings of a company accumulated from, brought into, or got in Nigeria or any exchange or business for whatever timeframe the exchange or business may have been completed. The current rate of company’s income tax is 30% of assessable income.

The company income tax is imposed on;

1. The profits of Nigerian organizations independent of whether they have become tied up with or mitigated in Nigeria, being a Nigerian company consolidated under Companies and Allied Matters Act.

2.            The profit of non-Nigeria organizations working in Nigeria. The non-Nigerian organizations are foreign organizations.

3.            Dividends or premium of non-Nigerian organizations which are assessed at 10% (retaining tax rate) on the net is payable to the individual organizations

Below are the deadlines for filing CIT returns:

  • Recently consolidated companies are expected to file their CIT within eighteen months from the date of incorporation or not more than 6 months after the finish of an accounting year.
  • Organizations in activity for more than four (4) years are obligated to minimum tax excluding those explicitly absolved by the tax law.

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